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Boi and Bono

So this is a very sentimental photo to me as this captures a turning point in my life and career as a musician and human being.

It was 1993 and U2 we’re the biggest band in the world as far as touring and stadium concerts were concerned. Eskae and I had just moved from Sydney to Brisbane and we were new to the music scene there.

At the bar at a local show, I met a man (Tony Alison R.I.P) who would introduce me into the world of live music production. We spoke at length about life and music and we would become very close friends for many years after.

Shortly after that first meeting he invited me out to ANZ Stadium to see the set up of Zooropa, which he was the assistant site manager at that time. It blew my mind to see such a huge stage and production design.

As it turns out they needed a “runner” for the day and would I be interested in the job? “Hell yes” was my response and so I was set to work driving around Brisbane collecting large volumes of carpet for the stage, fixtures for lights and a whole bunch of other stuff needed for the show in a couple of days.

That evening after my last pick up I was summoned to the Production office, I was informed that one of the band drivers had been sacked and would I be comfortable driving Bono or the Edge for the rest of the week!I couldn’t believe what I was hearing……one of my favourite bands in the world and was being asked if I would I feel comfortable?…..”Are you serious” is what I wanted to say, but a polite “Yeah no problem” was my response.

That moment led me to work with and for some of the biggest artists in the world. It took me around Australia in what seemed like an endless loop and across the oceans as well. All the while working on my own craft as a musician with unlimited access to some of the best players and songwriters in the world!

I am truly blessed and grateful when I remember the situations and events I have witnessed first hand as this photo here illustrates. I’m just hanging with Bono as he signs a few autographs for his fans. Lisa Curry Kenny thought me a right legend because I introduced her to him and walked her past all the crowds to get his signature.

Earlier that day, due to my lack of knowledge and experience, I actually got us all lost in the University car park whilst delivering Bono to the show….it may have been my grandstand introduction to the industry…….clearly I had a LONG LONG way to go……but fuck me, what an entrance!

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