boi&eskae-live-music-sunshine coast-duo-indie-pop-songwriter

Boi’s material is rich and emotive, full of the elements of his life, the sights and sounds and feelings of places half remembered, of living and dying and loving. There are glimpses of his muse Eskae in every stanza. 

From vivid to vague his mind offers recollections from exotic childhood brushes with death to unassuming characters with the power to inspire to the pop memorabilia of every teen. 

As a two year old in colonial Singapore Boi had his first introduction to death, fighting meningitis in the army hospital. He retains the sights and sounds and smells. At six the little boi had the heart of a man; congenital heart disease led to open-heart surgery and memories of waking mid surgery and watching the procedure in the mirrored ceiling. 

As a child Boi was fiercely competitive, determined to show that he could better any able bodied person. He listened to the sounds of the time: the Cure, Abba, The Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and New Order. 

boi&eskae-live-music-sunshine coast-duo-indie-pop-songwriter

His first taste of music…..

A quiet maintenance man at Boi’s school in Victoria gave boi his first taste of music. He remembers a tall, reedy, older man. Boi says, “I saw him playing drums one day. He was an old man but he just looked so cool. He showed me some rhythms and I just got it. He taught me how to play side drum and organised with the principal that I would play as we marched into assembly each week”. So boi practiced every day, and when he left that school he gave boi a harmonica which he still has today. 

As the son of an army family there were many schools and many new friends. In high school he learnt trombone and starred in the lead role as Smike in the eponymous musical based on Dicken’s Nicholas Nickleby. At 14 he became an apprentice jockey while applying to join the army as a musician. The army said no because he was too young but at 15 he joined the Navy. 

Little Drummer boi - Recruit training Freemantle 1982
Little Drummer boi – Recruit training Freemantle 1982

From Mombassa to Dar Es Salaam…

First based in Freemantle then Sydney Boi discovered the Sydney club house scene, the revolutionary house music of the ‘80s and experimented. He served on three warships and picked up a guitar from a fellow shipmate learning to play and write as he served. The warships took him from Hawaii to the Solomon Islands, from Mombassa to Dar Es Salaam, Goa to Singapore, patrolling from the Pacific to the Gulf. In 1990, six months before discharge Boi completed a four month tour of duty in the first Gulf War. 

Back in Australia Boi reconnected with eSKae, an artist and creative force, and they immersed themselves in the music scene, both playing in bands and working in production. Boi’s first industry job was in 1993 driving U2 on the Zooropa tour. Since then he has used his considerable technical knowledge on tours and festivals for some of the world’s greatest artists. His tour list is a who’s who of pop rock and roll including all time greats Aerosmith, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Crowded House, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Tom Jones, Sting and James Brown as well as hot favourites SIA, Kanye West, Nikki Minaj, MGMT, The Dandy Warhols, Diesel, Jack Johnson, Pete Murray, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg and The Rogue Traders. Boi has also worked many years as a production manager for productions including Parklife Festival, Spiegeltent festivals, Operas including Cinderella and The Pilgrims Progress as well as the Tokyo Quartet and the Queensland Orchestra. Boi has also stage managed major festivals including Splendour In The Grass, Big Day Out, V Festival Australia, Soundwave, Harvest and Good Vibrations. 

boi&eskae-live-music-sunshine coast-duo-indie-pop-songwriter

His greatest inspiration? “Always Eskae”

While working alongside great musicians Boi continued to compose new material. His greatest inspiration? “Always Eskae, especially when she is doing art.” In 1997 Boi and Eskae released their first EP titled “Skinpop” and in 2000 they formed a band also named Skinpop. Skinpop was quickly acclaimed and they played at festivals including Livid and Big Day Out and supported major bands such as INXS, Hanson, Roachford, Christine Anu, Yothu Yindi, Mental as Anything, IOTA, Diesel and Renee Geyer. 

In 2001 Boi was forced to pull back from performance. A near fatal accident (as a pedestrian he was hit by a truck) caused a reworking in the way that he lived. 

The reflective time away from performance gave his audience a gift of music that is more organic, a refined production style and a maturity of sound and message that resonates with every listener.