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Grunge Music….

“Bad Hair Day”

Grunge music early on was a huge influence to both of us as musicians and in the 90’s we formed a band called “Bad Hair Day”. We played mostly pubs and venues around Brisbane and after seeing us play a show somewhere, Clem Jones (longest serving Lord Mayor of Brisbane) personally invited us to play at the Crackerjack festival held each year in Carrindale. We were amazed that an 80 year old man could be into our music and we cheekily invited him to come up on stage and rock out with us. He politely refused and chose to watch the show from the comfort of the VIP section 😝

“Boi’s Brutal Boutique”

boi&eskae-live-music-sunshine coast-duo-indie-pop

Boi’s hairstyle also reflected the band name and came courtesy of “Boi’s Brutal Boutique”, a salon formed on our deck in Bulimba specialising in one style of cut……zero clippers….hence the brutal reference.

boi&eskae-live-music-sunshine coast-duo-indie-pop
Bad Hair Day perform Crackerjack Festival 1990’s