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Back in 2013 both eSKae & myself had the amazing opportunity to tour together with the one & only Sir Cliff Richard OBE.

With global record sales beyond 250 million and a ceaseless performance schedule spanning the 54 years of his career Sir Cliff is by far was the most thorough, kind and professional of all artists we have had the pleasure to know. We are often asked “Who is your favourite artist you’ve worked for”?. Our answer is always Sir Cliff!!

The Perfect Host…..

Cliff instantly made us feel welcome. eSKae had previously toured with him as his Wardrobe/Stylist with the Shadows so it was like catching up with an old friend you haven’t seen for a few years, that is what Cliff is like. When he would take us all out to dinner he was the perfect host, always engaging and keeping the conversation flowing. He took an interest in our lives and most of all as human beings, he always made us feel important.


Sir Cliff and band rehearsals – SYDNEY (copyright boi Crompton)

Boi was given permission to photograph and document the tour and in doing so was able to obtain some moments not always seen publicly. Boi was deeply honoured. This action shows the respect and faith, given by an amazing human being, to allow these moments to be captured.

Tour DVD….

Sir Cliff was adamant on showcasing his crews talents and he insisted that eSKae be filmed backstage describing the design and significance of each outfit for the Tour . eSKae hates talking on camera so it was a huge challenge for her but she did an amazing job, articulate and precise.

Boi is also featured in the DVD where during a skit in the show, he would place a “Union Jack Flag” tea towel over the snare drum. Later that tour boi would play a trick on Cliff, replacing the Union Jack with a Cliff Richard tea towel that was for sale as part of his tour merchandise. In true Cliff form, he loved it so much that it became part of the show. He even signed the original tea towel which is now part of our personal collection….obviously not used on dishes!

CLIFF RICHARD – Stage Production Rehearsals – SYDNEY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE (copyright boi Crompton)

Fans, Fans & More Fans!…

Cliff Richard has some of the most loyal fans in the world. On this tour alone there were over 250 fans that followed him around Australia and into Asia. Some of these fans were from all corners of the globe and we got to know some of them individually. It was a little disconcerting when they would come up to us at the airport and speak to us by name. We were like “How do you know us?” and they’re like “We see you every show on stage”…..that was a trip

More photos from the tour rehearsals…

CLIFF RICHARD - Production Rehearsals
CLIFF RICHARD – Stage Production Rehearsals – SYDNEY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE (copyright boi Crompton)
CLIFF RICHARD and Cast -Production Rehearsals – (copyright boi Crompton)
Trying on her wings – Suzie Furlonger on stage with eSKae in the foreground
CLIFF RICHARD – Stage Production Rehearsals – SYDNEY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE (copyright boi Crompton)